Mad About Copenhagen

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dc.description.abstract When being a company with such a huge following on Instagram like MAD, it can seem like selling a product/ service is easy enough. But seeing as most of MAD’s followers actually buying their product are foreigners, their main problem becomes selling it to the Danish people. It is no secret that the Danish food scene is continuing to blossom into a culinary utopia and gets more and more appealing and inviting to people of all ages. But danes tend to be loyal and drawn to what they know and are familiar with, therefore they end up going to more known companies for recommendations and answers. Companies that they are aware of and trust - who therefore end up being MADs competitors. Most people think that MAD only posts pictures of food and restaurants on Instagram, and don’t even know that they also make personalised food guides. That’s why creating brand awareness for MAD is so essential - so people can get familiar with the concept and trust it for future decision making. How can Mad About Copenhagen create brand awareness on the Danish market and get people more involved in the Copenhagen food scene, with the help of a digital campaign? en_US
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dc.subject SWOT en_US
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dc.title Mad About Copenhagen en_US
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