On the Tools - Final Major Project

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dc.description.abstract On the Tools is a marketing and advertising company with the largest social media communityin the UK, standing at over 18 million people. It features tradesman related content to a UK-based audience; often sponsorships/advertisements feature on their page and usually OnTheTools is sourced to produce the adverts. They also sell merchandise which has featured on popular UK television programmes such as “DIY SOS”. OnTheTools own various other less popular social media pages for example; SoMuchSass, boasting 280,000+ followers appealing to a female millennial audience and OnTheBall, A football content page targeted at 18-50 yearold males. Having amassed over 1 billion video views across social media channels, their growth is largely due to the comedic fan-submitted videos they post. However OnTheTools would like to future proof themselves by establishing their own content on a wider platform, YouTube, should the dominance of Facebook come to an end. The difficulty with developing on a new platform is gaining those first vital followers, as growth is typically exponential from then onwards. Therefore; how can one develop an effective and successful launch of a web-series online? en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject PESTEL en_US
dc.subject BERT en_US
dc.subject YouTube en_US
dc.subject Generation Z en_US
dc.subject Social media plan en_US
dc.subject User habits en_US
dc.subject Animation en_US
dc.title On the Tools - Final Major Project en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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