Evaluating the Effectiveness of Budgeting in Combating Student Debts - A Finance Software Application

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dc.description.abstract This report is about a bachelor project aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of budgeting as a way to combat debts. The increasing foreign student debts in Denmark has been a thing of concern for the Danish state. The Local (2017) provided information about the increasing student debts in Denmark. It says that the Danish tax systems have discovered that almost 40 percent of the loans drawn from the Danish state by international students are yet to commence repayment. The total debt owed to the Danish state by foreign students is 123 million kroner (16.5 million euros). This project will investigate how we can mitigate against this rising debts with the use of a software finance application. In addition to the finance software application, the solution of this project will also include internet security. This internet security within the finance app will be limited to data integrity check as well as geographic location tracker of internet protocol addresses. There various online threats, recently there was a vulnerability found in Mac computers that allowed anyone log in as root or administrator. There is also the most recent threat facing HP computers where there is a key logger mistakenly installed during an update. There are numerous fake entities online parading as real to fraud online users. The aim of this project is to create a solution that both reduce student debts as well as give the user a measure of internet security especially in verifying online data integrity. Having said these, the project will investigate the cause of this increasing student debt to gain more knowledge as to how severe it is. The solution that this project offers will be a software application that combines debt-reducing functionalities with internet security functionalities. In the course of this report, we will look at all of the following subjects; personal finance, data analysis and visualization, cryptography hash functions, IP address and geographic coordinate system. This is because the solution from this project will implement all of these theories in the product development design. Although some of the theories will help me validate the method that this project follows. It is important to note that these theories form parts and parcel of the solution. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Double Diamond Model en_US
dc.subject Kanban en_US
dc.subject Student debts en_US
dc.subject Budget en_US
dc.subject Graphical User Interface en_US
dc.subject Object Oriented Programming en_US
dc.subject Personal finance en_US
dc.subject Student loans en_US
dc.title Evaluating the Effectiveness of Budgeting in Combating Student Debts - A Finance Software Application en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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