Sustainable design methods

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dc.description.abstract Most of the time, fashion and sustainability may seem like two incompatible concepts. Fashion essence is to aggrandize clothing and empower appearance, and mostly of time fashion industry do what it takes to satisfied person’s hedonistic needs. Contrary to first one, sustainability essences are to step aside from all not necessary needs, be social responsible or produce in the way which is not to damage environment. So it is obvious, when someone tries to combine two essentially different things, occurs a lot of side effect problems. Must say that to think about todays fashion industry through out sustainable perspective it is challenging, because it has so many problems when it comes to ethical actions. I have decided to come near slow fashion company and try to focus on suitable ways of improving brand’s sustainability. As I have described in introduction part that climate change is doing significant fast steps and fashion industry might not avoid changes and market challenges in near future. Who can disagree that in the near future we will reach a point of the biggest environmental crisis of all times? To be prepared fashion companies should educate and search for methods to assuring their business stability in a long run. So I have asked myself: How can I incorporate sustainable methods in Diana Paukstyte’s label, without loosing its brands identity? en_US
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dc.title Sustainable design methods en_US
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