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dc.description.abstract Corporate Social Responsibilities is known as a very traditional way of dealing with social and environmental issues and has been used in various ways in the past decade. In the past years the world have been dealing with environmental issues such as Global Warming and pollution. Which have woken up the consumers who have been keeping brands accountable for their general actions and especially the choices for production. The value chain is becoming one of the big topics when it comes to producing products, but not alone. The value chain goes hand in hand with sustainability. It is a term and state that is taking over for Corporate Social Responsibilities, technically sustainability was just a branch of Corporate Social Responsibilities in the past. But today the term embraces a broader view and contains a better focus on environmental issues than the traditional Corporate Social Responsibilities. Multiple industries is polluted and multiple industries is working towards a more sustainable future. One of the most polluted is the fashion industry. This is an industry where the fight for sustainability is going strong, but also one where Denmark is the front runner in bringing awareness, educating and starting conversation with the purpose to solve some of the challenge ahead. But this is all about the brands taking action and responsibilities, what about the rest? How and why would is make sense for another type of company to join the fight? en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject CSR en_US
dc.subject Influencers en_US
dc.subject social media en_US
dc.subject SWOT en_US
dc.subject Sustainability en_US
dc.subject Fashion industry en_US
dc.subject The Global Fashion Agenda en_US
dc.subject STEER model en_US
dc.subject PEST model en_US
dc.subject Porter’s Five Forces en_US
dc.title Social Zoo en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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