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Communication Design & Media

Her finder du bacheloropgaver, som har fået 10 eller 12.

Opgaverne er offentliggjort med tilladelse fra de pågældende studerende.

Here you find the bachelor reports that have been given a 10 or 12 grade.

The reports has been made publicly available with permission from the affected students.

Recent Submissions

  • Gottlieb Munck, Marie-Louise (2016-12-16)
    This bachelor thesis has examined personal communication and how that can affect customer loyalty. The aim of the thesis has been to analyze how Dansk Supermarked Group can create a more personalized customer experience ...
  • Gregersen, Pernille Louise (2016-12-15)
    This project focused on creating a campaign for VisitFyn, a tourist, travel and information company focused on the island of Funen. VitisFyn is primarily focusing on reaching: international tourists, families, people who ...
  • Korsvig, Mathilde C.; Fenneberg, Katrine (2016-12-15)
    Bees have been a part of nature for 200 million years (Preston. 2006 s. 167) and have been the most important pollinator for plants seeding. Worldwide, there are major problems in maintaining the population of wild bees ...
  • Stridsland, Matias (2016-12-16)
    Litter in the streets of Copenhagen is an issue that not only costs the state millions of kroners every year, but also impacts the environment and discourages tourists and locals from using the city’s public spaces. Fast ...
  • Kronborg Brouer, Sander; Røssell, Louise (2016-12-15)
    This thesis focuses on the domestic travel in Denmark as an opaque market regarding low fare tickets and price competition. The aim is to create a digital service that makes it easy to get a view of the available low ...
  • Vitkevicius​, Dainius; Kjær Langvad, Rune (2016-12-16)
    This thesis is an attempt to discover a way, in which to communicate the importance of remaining skeptical online, with a goal continuously fostering critical thinking.Through a hermeneutical ...