Digital Concept Development

Digital Concept Development


Digital Concept Development

Her finder du bacheloropgaver, som har fået 10 eller 12.

Opgaverne er offentliggjort med tilladelse fra de pågældende studerende.

Here you find the bachelor reports that have been given a 10 or 12 grade.

The reports has been made publicly available with permission from the affected students.

Recent Submissions

  • Penny 
    Stampe, Cecilie; Dickoh, Sylvia (2017-05-31)
    This thesis examines how Danske Bank can create a digital solution, which provides financial knowledge to young consumers, in order to decrease the level of RKI registrations. Insights were obtained through quantitative ...
  • Brønnum Schou, Andreas; Lynge Holm, Casper (2017-05-31)
    Information, content, news, and opinions are amongst some of the few things that we often found ourselves bombarded with daily. Amidst all this digital clutter it can sometimes be hard to take note of what is ...
  • Kanguru 
    Polmann Dyreby, Simon (2017-05-31)
    KanGuru is a peer to peer knowledge sharing platform for educational institutions such as KEA. The platform will encourage students to ask for help when it is needed and provide tutoring for each other. The way it ...
  • Songcharoen Mortensen, Lisa (2017-05-31)
    Digitalization have changed the way we handle societal, business and personal purposes. The accessibility to digital devices and internet have made it possible for the individual to instantly connect, disagree and show ...
  • Gavagna, Rosaluna (2016-12-21)
    This report is conducted by Rosaluna Gavagna and is the Bachelor thesis for Digital Concept Development study program at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. On my second semester, I attended the courses Design, ...
  • JipJip 
    Wydzialkiewicz, Natalia; Bille-Hansen, Martin (2016-12-21)
    JipJip consists of formal students of Digital Concept Development at KEA, that joined their forces and created a business based on their best skills: graphic design and video editing. Thank to their broad network they ...
  • Mikucki, Mikolaj; Bejinariu, Ovidiu (2016-12-21)
    This bachelor thesis examines how can a large organisation such as Climate Technology Centre and Network (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's operational arm) present value of supporting the developing ...
  • Friction 
    Popiel, Wojciech; Prattingerová, Gabriela (2016-12)
    Friction is a concept, that gives people of all abilities opportunity to point at problems of the accessibility in urban spaces. We focus on citizens who are interested in making urban areas more accessible. Friction ...