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  • Dalsgaard Bloch-Jensen, Camilla; Rathcke Thomsen, Mads (2017-05)
    This report deals with weight optimization of a hand tap. The current tap weights approximately 6 kg, and the goal is to reduce the weight to under 3 kg, to ease handling and the costs of transport. The tap is going to be ...
  • Hollerup, Louise (2018-06)
    Food waste has become a global fight and an inevitable factor within the market for groceries. In a country like Denmark 700.000 tons of food is each year thrown out with consumers bring responsible for 260.000 tons, the ...
  • Žabka 
    Veselý, Radovan; Gazi, Tomas; Artjuhhina, Jevgenia; Avin, Margarita (2018-06)
    For our exam project where we had to find an artist and promote him/her via digital services (create a website, video, digital products for Social Media, communication plan), we picked the artist - Andrea Klvačková also ...



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