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  • Os To 
    Iversen, Sofie Rebecca; Skov Sørensen, Camilla (2018-06)
    Generelt er filmproducenterne ikke fokuseret nok på markedsføringen af deres produktioner. Det juridiske ansvar ligger hos distributørerne, som ikke gør nok for at markedsføre filmene. Problemet ligger derfor i, at ...
  • Žabka 
    Veselý, Radovan; Gazi, Tomas; Artjuhhina, Jevgenia; Avin, Margarita (2018-06)
    For our exam project where we had to find an artist and promote him/her via digital services (create a website, video, digital products for Social Media, communication plan), we picked the artist - Andrea Klvačková also ...
  • Rós Valsdóttir, Elísabet; Goldsworthy, Annabelle; Gerhardt-Pedersen, Ekaterina; Bennett Price, Emily (2018-06)
    This report examines a particular illustration artist’s online presence and how to improve it. Currently the artist, Sveinn, does not have a website, nor a strong social media following, defined target audience, or a ...
  • Bertea, Razvan; Decker, Vivien; Atudorei, Andrei; Trandafir, Andrei; Heschia, Vladimir (2018-06)
    Gingi is a full-service sewing & styling studio in the heart of Budapest. They specialize in film and photo shoots while serving the individual upper class customers for custom made clothes and the odd tailoring job. Thank ...
  • Dzelilovic, Damir; Jensen, Kasper; Mejía Alechine, Pedro Luis; Koch, Clemens; Zimmermann, Celia (2018-06)
    Since 2016, Upstairs Digital have solely focused on creating the game. They are not aware of their online presence, and have no media kit or design guide. They find it challenging to describe and define their identity and ...

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